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I have been in the music business for 50 years. I started my carrier in France and decided to move to Tahiti 38 years ago. I was playing in many countries including Japan and, one day, I met my wife.It was in Osaka during one of my tours and that is the reason why I am living in Japan. It's been 35 years and I'm still having a great time I speak French,English,Japanese....and a few more but this is not the point. The point is that music is a common language and it is with music that I intend to speak to you. I started this Site 11 years ago and found out that when you start building ....it is a never ending story! But, I love it and I hope that you will enjoy my place and my music as much as I enjoy creating for the WEB.


Claude Ciari
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Interests and Hobbies

Used to play a least once a week.
Martial arts
Practiced for 30 years but not anymore.
Not a hobby but part of my life
Computers (obsolete)
Aptiva, Gateway,ThinkPad,G3 Mac
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How To Contact Me

Street address
Kurakuen 3 ban-cho 2-50

Nishinomiya    Hyogo Japan    662

Electronic mail address
[email protected]
Web address
Claude Ciari Midi World US Site

Office phone
81 798-73-0052

FAX number
81 798-75-2101

Home phone
81 798-72-0133

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Hot List (this is obsolete too)

My Favourite Sites
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Your advice about my home page is always welcomelet me know what you think constructive criticism is welcome too!

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